You can be fitter than ever after 50 – Really!


Age is Just a Number
By Adrienne Galloway

The countdown begins to my 54th Birthday.

Did you know after age 30, a women’s estrogen balance falters, the already low (in comparison to men) testosterone declines and our growth-hormones levels begin their steady march south. Weight gain, decreased muscle mass, insomnia which I experience now, and then we have low libido are just a few of the symptoms that comes as we age.

Fellas as you approach age 50 you start to goes through some good and some bad changes as well. You have baldness, muscle loses elasticity, testosterone in your body also lowers, and yes lower libido, sex drive, etc. For some men anyway

We can prevent and even reverse some effects of aging just by begin more active, eating healthier and changing our mindset. STOP telling yourself, ” you’re too old” It will just take you longer to recover than it used to and I can contest to that. (lol)
The key to stride toward our fitness goals with the unrelenting focus of a charging bull – do so with aplomb. What did I just say? It takes LONGER for us to heal.

Learn to listen to your body- knowing when to QUIT, pull back a little or just take a day off. I have to laugh because this is me, not listening to my body and wanting to do more. Understand we are not in our 20’s or 30’s anymore so we must stop comparing ourselves to that age group. No need to break a limb or dislocated a hip trying to keep up. Do you hear me? We have nothing to prove trying to be a badass. It TAKES LONGER for us to heal so no need to go pound-for-pound with youngsters. Allow for adequate recovery, and schedule at least one or two days off from training each week.

At the end of the day…
To help the aging process, stay active, stretch regularly, eat health it does the mind and body good


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