By Danniele Tammjarv – International Coach & Speaker

How many times have people around you, how many times have you just exploded & you’ve turned around & thought, ‘WTF, where did that come from’? Anger is what we all see. When you or someone you know is angry, it is obvious by the look in the person’s eyes, the clinched fists, sweat on the brow & well, the common identifier – the loud voice…

If you look at it, the tip of the iceberg is actually the symptom. Generally, anger icebergs often include fears, insecurities, frustrations, hurt pride, feelings of disrespect, and various other emotions.

The best way to control anger is to ask, “WHAT IS MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY?” When you look at your feelings that cause the anger, you can then start to address it.

Learning to recognize when anger isn’t really what we’re feeling is so important for helping us to identify and cope with our emotions. Sometimes, anger is an emotion we use to cover up feelings we don’t want to show anyone else. Learning to identify when anger isn’t really what we are feeling is important for helping, identify and cope with our emotions.

Here is an image which allows you to see what I mean with what surfaces and what’s really going on underneath.

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Love and Happiness, Danniele


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