What Insecurities Are You Carrying?


Let go of the labels and… 


By Danniele Tammjarv  – International Coach & Speaker
Adrienne Galloway – Fitness & Wellness Coach. Speaker


 We stand before you in all our VULNERABILITY

Today we chose to step out of our comfort zone even more.

As we undressed & stood in front of the mirror, self-doubt began to kick in. Neither of us knew the person that was looking back at us, how were we going to share ourselves with all of you? We said to ourselves “I can do this, my Beauty is Shining from within”, Laughing from a distance…

We started to see ourselves, truly see ourselves for the first time.

Why is it we had never honored ourselves, why had we never seen the beautiful vessels to which carries our soul?

Why did we allow the judgement of others affect us all those years?

Our Grey hair, some wrinkles, scars, tattoos and even the cellulite. While looking in the mirror we asked ourselves, “Why had I never seen myself before, how did I not know the woman that was standing in front of me?”

Who are They…

We as women, as individuals, are different but yet so similar in our journeys.  As we both slowly stripped back the layers of our skin we learnt, we began to discover who we really were.

We felt sad at the fact we had neglected to see ourselves, truly see who we were.

Each of us stood in our own vulnerabilities & cried, immediately putting our hands over our hearts, our belly .

Why had we not Loved our vessels enough to want to see all that we are?

Why had we never taken the time to say “I LOVE YOU”. Our tattoos are not the only things on our bodies that tell a story. The scars, our skin, all of it tell a story of who we are. It is all a part of us.

The challenges we have faced, the battles we have fought, the hurdles we both have overcome.

They are a part of who we are & yet at times have been embarrassed to even look at ourselves.

We definitely deserved to give ourselves more love & respect.

We hugged ourselves & acknowledged every single part of our bodies.

We honored ourselves as we should, We gave her the love & respect she deserved but had so neglected over our living years.

This is ME, this is US, this can be YOU, embracing ourselves in all our vulnerability, in all our Beauty, acknowledging our Self-Love, our Self-Worth.

I am a 41yr young woman,  She’s a 53yr young women, We are Strength, We are Love, We are Passion, We are Worthy, I am ME… When was the last time you truly saw yourself?

Know that You are PERFECT exactly as you are. A person of beauty and a UNQIUE soul. It is very REAL to LIVE a healthy life so NEVER STOP loving YOU! Be proud of the body you have been given and realize there is a purpose for every person being different. It’s definitely not about being “Queen skinny” but about being “Queen HEALTHY”  Never allow the judgement of others stop you from loving the Incredible human being that you are.

Stand Tall, Stand Proud, Stand as one & be Unapologetically You

 Love and Happiness

Danniele & Adrienne 

xXxX ♥

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