The Unspeakable Death


The Unspeakable Death

Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Owner of NEW ME

“More than once, data have shown that widely-reported celebrity deaths have a negative impact on the entire population. It seems that the more media coverage that surrounds this type of tragedy, the more we’re affected by it – sometimes in the worst way possible” (Dowell, 2018).  Studies have shown an increase in suicide after heavy media attention of a celebrity suicide (Dowell, 2018).  Here’s a published study that proves this statement.

Yesterday, my timeline was flooded with the heartbreaking news of Fashion Designer, Kate Spade.  Sources stated she committed suicide by hanging herself with a scarf.  The reason for this death is still unknown and some sources have even mentioned foul play.  Despite the reasons why she took her own life, it was difficult to read.  The life of one gifted fashion designer is no longer amongst us. My condolences are with her family, friends, and the Kate Spade staff.

Suicide has taken the lives of many other celebrities as well.  Remember Robin Williams? His death shook the world, especially since he was one of the most prolific comedians in the world. However, even his gift couldn’t make him laugh away the realities of his declining cognitive functions due to early signs of dementia, which created secondary mental battles of anxiety, paranoia, and depression (Dowell, 2018). Williams took his life, also by hanging himself. Personally, that one hit me hard.

 “…gifted doesn’t mean exempt from real life issues.”

I think it’s difficult for the world to learn of celebrity deaths. I think because somehow in the back of our minds we think these people are ….

“…the importance of self-care.”

Lately, God has been really showing me the importance of self-care. I preach about it all the time, but the older I get I realize just how crucial it is to my very existence.  There’s so much value in unplugging, devotion, and meditation.  I used to view it as a chore or as if I was doing a God a favor by being obedient to these daily breaks.  I thought my work-horse mentality would help me to achieve all of my dreams and goals.  Though work ethic is important, those breaks are just as crucial. Read more…




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