“Exercise, journal, and remember only you determine the type of day you will face”


This is never an all-or-nothing situation. You have to take the first step in getting healthy by taking control of your mind, your body, and your lifestyle.

  • Adrienne(AG) has helped change my life and give me my confidence back and now I'm ready to take on the world. Soon I'll be graduating and have a new degree and a new job with the new body. Read More...

    Monica E
    Monica E Houston, TX
  • “AG is definitely inspirational and has personally helped me find the healthy cook inside my soul. I was afraid to challenge myself to eat correct and cook correctly for years.

    Tryon Butler
    Tryon Butler Butler Active Business Solutions Plano, TX
  • “Have you ever been in a relationship where the “ex” was like browsing through previous pictures of you before you guys met and the question came up, “Babe, you were skinny then, what happened to you?”

    Angela Dallas TX
  • “My trainer/celebrity trainer @agfit007 has been whipping my behind into shape for the past 3wks now and she’s AMAZING!! I HIGHLY recommend her for training and her “virtual“ sessions.

    J Santana
    J Santana Florida
  • “I had a few months to get in shape and lose a few pounds, met Ms. Galloway (aka “AG) and she prepared nutritious meals and shakes in order for me to achieve about. 20 lbs. weight loss.

    Kurt Thomas
    Kurt Thomas New York, Knicks ( Former NBA)
  • “I have the honor of working with Adrienne Galloway, an evangelist for healthy living. Her passion and purpose will inspire you to be a better steward over your temple.

    Donna Richardson
    Donna Richardson Dallas, TX
  • “When I first began hearing rumblings about ‘Virtual Work Outs’, I was a bit skeptical. How did this work? Would it be effective? I thought it must be pretty expensive and unaffordable.Read More...

    CeCe Coleman
    CeCe Coleman Florida


“Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking.“


Make it a practice to instantly remove thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals.


STOP with the EXCUSES and schedule yourself in.


Don’t give into the fight or flight response that comes from our animal expressions of ourselves.

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