Teri SewellIntegrative Nutrition Health Coach - Denver, Colorado

Wife, Mother, Nutrition Health Coach

Teri is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert who mixes her passions of wholistic nutrition, vision boards, travel, fitness, liquid nutrition (juicing and blending), and adventure into a lifestyle program.

Passionate about Plant Rich Eating, Teri creates Green Kitchen Parties featuring Liquid Smoothies and Juicing, Healing Diets, and Edible Body Care!  She also has a Loving Yourself to Wellness workshop focusing on self-care and living a happy and healthy Life.  She offers individual as well as group health and nutrition coaching.

Teri is a walking movement leader with Girltrek Denver and the Walk 2 Connect organization.   She moved to Colorado 20 years ago, and enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing and laughing.  She travels around the world on a regular basis.

As a Health Coach, Teri enthusiastically support her clients in the pursuit of their greatest asset: optimal health. Her approach with coaching is that we all could benefit from eating more Plant-Based Foods but it’s for you to decide. Teri is there to help you obtain your wellness goals and will meet you where you’re at. She draws on her experiences and knowledge to help her clients in creating a personalized “roadmap” to health that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Teri loves being a Health Coach and sharing her passion for nutrition and wellness.

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