Danniele TammjarvInternational Coach & Speaker | Humanitarian - Sydney, Australia

International Coach & Speaker | Humanitarian

Danniele is a lover of life, and being a voice of love and reason to people.

Danniele Tammjarv is the founder of Unapologetically You and Danniele Tammjarv International, writer and an up and coming author of her book UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME.

“My tattoos are not the only part of my body that tell a story. My scars, my skin, my wrinkles all of it tells my story. It’s all a part of me and I love & honor that”

Danniele inspires and empowers people from all over the globe to find Awareness, Acceptance & take Action in their own Life and into a journey of SELF Discovery. Danniele leads youth, women and men shift the way they see and think about themselves, reclaim their Self-Empowerment to be Unapologetically Them.

Danniele experienced the highs and lows of the love/hate relationship with herself, people pleasing, self-hate, eating disorders, the list goes on. She didn’t have a clue who she was up until the age of 29. Danniele knew that she lacked the fundamental human right of every human being of accepting and loving one’s self.

Danniele made a decision leaving behind everything and everyone she knew, the country she grew up in and moved to the US to find herself. That’s where her journey and story of Self Discovery, Love, Acceptance and Discovery of Life began.

For Danniele, she knew something had to change and it wasn’t the way she looked or how others or society saw her. She had to change the way she saw and felt about herself.

Danniele has an unwavering passion and desire to share what she has discovered on her own personal journey. A passion to teach youth, women and men all over the world, the invaluable lesson that loving yourself, all of you, can bring about so much happiness and change your life forever.

Danniele loves to dance and sing like no one is watching (even when people are), loves to travel, going to the beach (preferably without a sight of sharks) loves meeting and inspiring others and most of all loves herself UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

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