No Excuses — Wait!

No Excuses — Wait – I have tons of Excuses! by Lori Mork – Wellness Coaching As I scrolled through Instagram today and was blinded by every twenty-year-old blond in North America in her bra tops, [...]

When I Love Myself Enough By Danniele Tammjarv: International Mentor & Speaker | Humanitarian How is your Self-Love looking right now? How many times do you find yourself compromising your [...]

Let IT GO!!

Let IT GO By Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Owner of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly You’re probably wondering, why this topic? It’s because many of you took the time to complete my A NEW ME [...]

Dare to You…

In a world where we are told to Look a certain way By Danniele Tammjarv International Coach & Speaker Behave a certain way Say the “right” things Hold a certain [...]

STRENGTH within…

Strength By Adrienne Galloway (aka AG) You never know what you are capable of until you try!  We all have struggles, challenges, and obstacles in our lives. When we choose not to give up and [...]