You Can Eat This




“You Can Eat This” Begins with an open mind and attitude. Food is something we consume for pleasure as well as to appease the feeling of hunger, and exercising is something we aren’t willing to do. This unique cookbook is about educating you on new favors and experimenting a new taste in food.

“You Can Eat This” are foods that not only Adrienne has eaten but has fixed for her clients. And, customize to their taste – It’s about creating a healthy dish while having fun with food. Her cookbook is a reflection of who she is at 51 years, its “All about experimenting with food”, Adrienne said.

Adrienne has trained people in the NBA, doctors, lawyers, you name it and they all have loved her different style of cooking..

It’s time to enjoy and celebrate your new found self. Let go of all that is weighing you down.


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