Cranking Up Your Metabolism

Healthy Eating – Transformation – Mindset


Divide and Conquer your lifestyle is about transformation of the whole person. So, as you embark on the Challenge, we invite you to give a 110% of yourselves.

Online Training

AG’s fitness program is here to motivate you, encourage you while changing your life, helping you become your happiest, healthiest and most enjoyable self. Get into the best shape of your life without living in the gym.

  • Learn how to change your current lifestyle eating habits & prep for SUCCESS!
  • Shorten your total workout time to 30-minutes per week, and still lose more weight, build more muscle and burn more body fat.
  • Understand how in just 7 minutes (or even better 21 minutes) x3 times per week you can get the body you always wanted.
  • You are accountable to yourself and AG’s Team. As they will be keeping an eye on your every move.
  • Nutritional advice and in the Kitchen with AG and Team. Prepping for SUCCESS ! No prerequisite knowledge in cooking or fitness required.
  • Keeping it together when things fall apart – We are all here for you…. Hear what everyone is talking about,

You’ll realize that you have the opportunity to make small positive changes to take control of your health and wake up every day healthier than you were yesterday for life.

AG’s philosophy to health, fitness and wellness is simple. She’s NOT a fans of diets. Believes in fueling your body with lots of food and teach you how to eat more of the right kind of foods, to ensure your body burns fat, increases in energy and transforms you into the best shape of your life.

Personal Training

We offer various package of personalized sessions based on the results you’re looking for with several scheduling options. And, you don’t have to pay a cent, your first session is free. If you’re hooked after that, there’s a few options you can choose from.

A customized plan from us that will map out twice- or three-weekly workouts that start at your current fitness level and progressively get harder as you get stronger.


“Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking.“


Make it a practice to instantly remove thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals.


STOP with the EXCUSES and schedule yourself in.


Don’t give into the fight or flight response that comes from our animal expressions of ourselves.

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