Monica E (Houston, TX)

In late November 2016, I began working out with “AG Fit” twice a week at 258 pounds. Before then, I was very unhappy with myself for letting myself go… Life happen(relationship, school, job etc.). Well, with no weights I began training LIVE virtually for 45 minutes with AG one-on-on sessions for a few months. I’m not going to say was easy. I had my setbacks trust me, but AG made sure to keep me accountable for all my actions. Not by getting upset but by encouraging me, motivating me with her words. Always saying, “Monica, one day, one step at a time stop beating yourself up and PLEASE stay out of your head”

By April 2017, I was down a whopping 43lbs. my clothing becoming looser, I have more energy and have become more mindful of how I eat and think. Things are going great, when out to purchase some resistance bands to continue with my success. Then another setback… I was in a terrible car accident. That left me devastated but thank God I was still alive. A broken ankle/titanium plate and screws learned to walk again 3 surgeries later. Plus, a broken wrists/titanium plate screw sling and rebuild my life. With physically therapy and AG by myself(virtually) everything started to look much brighter. There were many tears of pain, fear and how I was going to pull through this but, I know my God will give me the strength.

It is now November 2017, am down another 20lbs feeling optimistic about my future. My confidence level has gone through the roof. Still training with AG twice times a week with modification and physical therapy as well, thank God for them for pushing me through this.

Through this relationship I was able to gain knowledge on clean eating, meal prep, various ways to workout but most of all, I learned who “I am”… Thanks AG!

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