Mirror, Mirror on that Wall


…STOP the bullying and Self-body Shaming.
By Adrienne Galloway

You heard me right! You know, that person that continually tears you down every time you step in front of it. What do you do? Nothing, but stand there listening and staring at what the mirror is putting into our head.
We allow the bullying to go on because of lack of respect we have for ourselves. Standing there glazing at ourselves cussing and fusing to the point of no return because we don’t like what we see. We nitpick at everything from our boobs, gut, hips, cellulite, to being too short, or not tall enough and the list goes on. Are we ever happy with what we see? NO, Let’s keep it 100%. We are always going to find something wrong in what we see in the eyes of that mirror.

Especially, if we continue to allow social media to dictate what we should or shouldn’t look like, STOP IT! The body shaming, the bullying…

Don’t allow what you see on social media to cloud your judgment of yourself. The goal here is being HEALTHY, not skinny and embracing your God-given curves and uniqueness. We all have an idea of what or whom we’d love to look like, but is it realistic? Think about…

I am not perfect…

I have been very transparent on my journey. I’ve been that person that looks in the mirror and allow it to bully me. Standing there glaring at the mirror where I noticed another dimple on my ass saying, “Damn not another one”. Then the abuse begins, tearing myself apart because of the extra dimples as well as noticing the 10lbs I put on, now staring at my hips shaking my head. Then I bust out and start laughing at myself, saying, “girl what are you doing?” Yep, I’m hard on myself because of the line of my passion not because I am trying to look like someone else, I’m only human.

We have to learn to step out of our own way and lift ourselves up to be the best we can be in our own skin, and not in the eyes of others. It is time for you to Be you, do you, love you because you only have one body. Admire, glorify and take on that mirror on the wall with a positive outlook.

Whatever your desire do what is necessary for you, which is not to look like the next person. You’ll appreciate YOU so much more. Plus, if it gets you off med’s(high blood pressure, diabetes etc,) you’re one step closer to your journey, then you have won half the battle. No more Mirror bullying let’s keep it positive and laugh at yourselves sometimes.

If you are not competing or preparing for an event that causes you to be critical of oneself stop bullying and body shaming yourself.

You are Unique Embrace!!

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