By Danniele Tammjarv: International Mentor & Speaker | Humanitarian

Without a thought, without a word, I let go.

I let go of the fear
I let go of all the judgments
I let go of the negative thoughts in my head
I let go of all the right reasons & made my decisions without any hesitation or worry

I stopped searching for the answers & let go
I stopped searching for opinions & let go

I decided to let go of all of the memories that held me back
I let go of all of my anxieties

I just made a decision, I let go
I didn’t ask for permission, I just let go
I made a decision, a decision for me & I let go.

I had no one was around when it happened, there was no applause, no audience
In fact, I doubt anyone even noticed

I was like a snake shedding my skin, I released and let go of what once was

I let go with no effort or too much struggle
It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it just was
I created the space to let go

A smile came over me, throughout my entire body, I felt light, I felt free

I realized after I let go, I was free to be the real me

Love and Happiness

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