Dare to You…


In a world where we are told to Look a certain way
By Danniele Tammjarv
International Coach & Speaker

Behave a certain way
Say the “right” things
Hold a certain “status”

How are we supposed to be ourselves?
Well, that’s what THEY want us to think, that’s the way we are programmed to think.
WHAT IF I TOLD YOU that it’s all BS.

YES, you read it right.
It’s all BS… No one even looks like that, I mean have you ever seen those people on TV, in the magazines or on the Big Screen actually look they way they are shown?
I mean good God, our own phones have filters to make us look like the rest of them.
WAKE UP, it’s not real. Seriously, be Yourself.

I am giving you that permission to ignore what

Love and Happiness

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