CeCe Coleman – Florida

When I first began hearing rumblings about ‘Virtual Work Outs’, I was a bit skeptical. How did this work? Would it be effective? I thought it must be pretty expensive and unaffordable. I happened across Adrienne’s Instagram page and took a look. I finally decided to reach out and I am so glad that I did!!!

I began working out with AG in early 2016. My goal was to simply get active again, tighten a few ‘problem areas’ and overall become a healthier version of men. I dropped a total of 13 pounds and approximately 3 inches around my midsection!

What I love most about AG’s workouts are they are ‘no pressure’. She’s very conscientious about ensuring that each of her clients works out at their own pace, as well as takes the time to do a one on one to find out if there are any prior injuries, surgeries or specific issues one might have. I also love the music we work out too, as I’m old school! The workout’s over before you know it because they are interactive and fun! You don’t really get caught up in the mindset of ‘working out’. It’s more like a group of friends getting together and getting active! We encourage one another as well. Last but not least – it’s affordable, as well as reasonable!!

I’ve recommended a few folks and will continue to recommend anyone who will listen! This is definitely the wave of the future especially for those of us like me, who absolutely detest the thought of going into a gym. Enlisting the assistance of a personal trainer who listens to you, provides instruction according to your needs, and provides nutritional information as well as a win-win situation!

Looking forward to working out with AG in 2017 & 2108 for sure!!!!
CeCe Coleman

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