Cacao Mint Delight

Cacao Mint Delight
By Adrienne Galloway


1 Cup Almond & Coconut Mixed Milk

1 Cup Frozen banana

1 Scoop vanilla protein powder or Vegan protein or Chocolate (Choice)

1 Tbps. Fresh chopped mint

1 ½ tsp. Green Superfood

7  Drops Stevia

1 Tbps. Organic Cacao Nibs

Crushed, Ice cubes

Blend all ingredients and enjoy! Makes 1 serving.

Cacao nibs are the raw used to make both cocoa powder and dark chocolate – so they have similar antioxidant benefits to those two superfoods. That means that cacao nibs are a great source of flavanols, heart-healthy antioxidants that help relax your blood vessels and lower your blood pressure.

An ounce of cacao nibs has just 130 calories or about 7 percent of your
calorie allowance if you eat a 2,000-calorie diet.








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