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Be stronger than …

Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse. By Liz Galloway Fitness has always been a part of my life in wellness, outdoors, or retreats and events to get others involved. Being certified in fitness, [...]

The Shift…

His Plans is My Plan By Adrienne Galloway Today, I declare a shift in my journey. My journey has been a little off- kilt the past couple of months. But, then a shift happened… The shift of [...]

No Excuses — Wait!

No Excuses — Wait – I have tons of Excuses! by Lori Mork – Wellness Coaching As I scrolled through Instagram today and was blinded by every twenty-year-old blond in North America in her bra tops, [...]

When I Love Myself Enough By Danniele Tammjarv: International Mentor & Speaker | Humanitarian How is your Self-Love looking right now? How many times do you find yourself compromising your [...]

Seasonally Eating

In the Kitchen with AG Seasonally Eating A recent USDA study also found that direct-to-consumer producers were less likely to apply pesticides and herbicides to control weeds and insects than [...]


LET GO! By Danniele Tammjarv: International Mentor & Speaker | Humanitarian Without a thought, without a word, I let go. I let go of the fear I let go of all the judgments I let go of the [...]

Summer Cookouts Part I

Summer Cookouts By Tips to be Fit Vince Faust It’s time for those family cookouts. Family cookouts are an excellent way to spend quality time with your family and friends. What’s more relaxing [...]

Let IT GO!!

Let IT GO By Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Owner of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly You’re probably wondering, why this topic? It’s because many of you took the time to complete my A NEW ME [...]

Dare to You…

In a world where we are told to Look a certain way By Danniele Tammjarv International Coach & Speaker Behave a certain way Say the “right” things Hold a certain [...]

Tips to be Fit By Vince Faust STAIR CLIMBER Q & A “I’ve been using the stair climber at the gym, but I can’t seem to increase my endurance or get past level two. Everyone else is hopping up [...]

The Unspeakable Death

The Unspeakable Death Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Owner of NEW ME “More than once, data have shown that widely-reported celebrity deaths have a negative impact on the entire population. It seems that [...]

STRENGTH within…

Strength By Adrienne Galloway (aka AG) You never know what you are capable of until you try!  We all have struggles, challenges, and obstacles in our lives. When we choose not to give up and [...]


Arthritis Tip to be Fit By Vince Faust Most people think arthritis is a disease of older people. It’s not, it affects people of all age groups. Over 50 million Americans have arthritis. That’s [...]

The Art of Life

The Art of Life By Danniele Tammjarv – International Coach & Speaker We are Perfectly Imperfect Human Beings  We are here to Live, to Love, to Cry, to Laugh, to Embrace Life.  We have [...]

Domestic Violence is on the rise! By Angela  Blair-Jeffries (Gospel Artist Singer/Actress) If you are an EX, MOVE ON! If you want to hurt someone because you have been dismissed from the [...]

Spring is in the air!

Spring Clean Your Online Business In a Snap Article By Erica Mathews Founder Of Jazzy Creative Magazine & Now, that the flowers are blooming and depending on where you are [...]


SMILE!  You Matter Article by; Elizabeth Obih-Frank Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful As I slowly stated to rebuild my life, one of my best friends, Diahann, gave me fortuitous [...]

Dear Younger Self,

Dear Younger Self, By Danniele Tammjarv –International Coach & Speaker I am writing to you, to let you know… If you could write a note to your younger self, what would it say? I [...]

A Champion…

A Champion Never Give up by AG, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Speaker Believe in order to Achieve, Be Determine, Be Inspire, Stay Consistency, Be Motivate to Succeed not just in your confidence [...]


FITNESS TERMS Tips to be Fit  By Vince Faust Part II To improve your fitness vocabulary read on… Range of Motion: The distance through which a limb can travel during a repetition without [...]


Dieting alone to lose weight will lead to a muscle mass loss of around 50% and a fat and water loss of around 50%. Weight lost through proper diet and exercise will result in a fat loss of around [...]

Weight Training

By Vince Faust TV & Radio . “Good Day, Good Health” and Life and Spirit online Getting weak goes with aging, lifting weights is dangerous for older people, older people can’t [...]

Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays can be great. Family, friends, food, fun, festivities… That being said, it’s no secret that unless you’re careful and conscious of what you’re doing, you may find that you’ve gained [...]

Family History

Family history can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but family can give her the strength to survive it… Pam was only 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says she [...]

Summer Time

The summer is approaching fast and all of my natural brothers and sisters main question is ” How do I keep my natural tresses from looking so dry?” First, with the summer heat make [...]

Finding Your Comfort

by: Dr. Estrelita Bruce When we took pictures of our daughter Kori, when she was an infant, it was very rare you would see her alone. Her best friend, companion, and comfort was always nearby…the [...]

Mirror on the Wall

I was staring in the mirror after having had a very long day. I could hear my clients asking, “Adrienne or AG “as some call me, how could you have a long day? All you do is train and speak with [...]

Behind the Scene

“HIDDEN HURT: Women Suffering in Silence” The Challenge: From the beginning of time women have been equipped as strong, resilient, and self-sacrificial creatures who embrace their [...]

Mirror on the Scale

“I’m not exactly massive but why isn’t the scale moving? Why am I so obsessed with what the scale says? All I really need is to tone up.”  Ann stands on the scale in tears asking [...]