Authentically You…


Authentically You
by Adrienne Galloway

Love the skin you are in and be authentically you, Sharonda Grandberry is the epitome of understanding and consistently displaying this phrase. Sharonda had to learn to love herself. She decided to let go of all the negative words that had been spoken over her life and now she wants to help other women do the same thing.
Sharonda thoroughly enjoys modeling, fashion, and art. She has walked the runway for several stores, designers, and boutiques. She is a Brand Ambassador, Instagram Influencer, a published model, co-author, and inspirational speaker.

October 2016, Sharonda was also announced as the overall winner in the Curvy and Fabulous model of the month on all social media sites belonging to Cynthia Bailey, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sharonda was crowned “Miss Alabama Black Expo 2017. As the winner, Sharonda was allotted the opportunity to represent the community and participate in something she absolutely loves and that is “giving back”.

Sharonda isn’t a stranger to giving and strongly believes in giving and helping others. Sharonda hosted her first annual “SHOP FOR TOTs” event in Huntsville Alabama on November 19, 2016. SHOP FOR TOTs is a non-profit organization that provides a systematic approach for people to purchase items with toys via tickets. An event designed to strengthen the community.

Sharonda is the Co-Author of “Diary of a Ready Woman”, which introduces the world to the struggles she faced and overcame growing up. To survive without living isn’t survival at all but to survive and live again shows a resilience that’s undeniably a mystery of our faith. Sharonda has arrived at a point in her life where she fully understands that we are not the result of the circumstances we go through in life but the strength used to get through those circumstances is what defines who we are.

Sharonda currently resides in Madison Alabama. She is a wife, mother, and friend to many. Sharonda has a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Logistics. When she is not participating in modeling or fashion she is employed with the Army Corps of Engineers as a Government Contracts Specialist. She is an Army veteran who strongly believes in the acronym LDRSHIP, short for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. She believes, “Character is who you are truly when the lights are not shining on you. Always remain ready and humble.” Her goal is to travel the world inspiring others to be the best at being themselves no matter obstacles they’ve had to overcome. Self-love, and, personal growth of others through education, resources and a living example is a definite priority of hers.

To see more of this lovely lady visit Sharonda on Instagram @foreverfashion24_8

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