Are you Secretly Cheating?

How is your new year working for YOU?

Are you Secretly Cheating?  You are probably saying, AG what do you mean. Secretly cheating?  Got your attention huh?

If you’re looking to make a change anywhere in your life, you’re going to have to be determined and most of all consistent.

Now, what am I talking about already?  The food YOU eat in PRIVATE will shows in public, think about.  YOU CANNOT eat Clean or Healthy and still get the outcome you are looking for.  Meaning, why you added another hole to your belt or why that dress is still not fitting the way you’d like.  Then say, I’m doing everything right why can’t I get the pounds off.  But, are you?

Look at your current nutritional program. Are you consistent in what you eat?  Now, look at your workout program how’s that working for you?

Then YOU get frustrated on why YOU are not getting the results YOU want and then want to QUIT!  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Think of the 80/20 rule, Eat a clean 80% of the time and that will allow you to have a little lead way 20% of the time (indulging without a guilty). In saying that you still have to be mindful of what you put in your belly.


The 90/10 rule, which means 90 % of your nutritional plan should be focused solely on clean eating, while the remaining 10 percent can be devoted to cheating meals.

You decide which plan will work for you. It takes consistency and determination to form a habit at the end of the day.

Want to Eat & Feel Good in your own skin? It’s going to take Consistency!

How are you coping? Let’s us know.



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