“Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed.

It just means it will take longer.”

About Adrienne Galloway

Adrienne Galloway is a Fitness Trainer, Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mother, and Grandmother. She a nationally certified Fitness Specialist and Wellness Coach for over 24 years. She’s in the business of challenging and empowering people to become healthier and has studied Organizational and Behavioral Psychology at the University of Maryland. AG was former military fitness trainer with the U.S. Marines in Okinawa, Japan, for 7 years.

AG is the creator of Breakin’ Free2Wellness: which will allow you to break the chains within yourself. Her transparent brings diversity, age, and experience to fitness and wellness. Her approach is to educate, encourage, uplift and train people regarding physical health and wellness by providing inspirational value, products, and services.

AG is passionate about sharing her motto(ministries) by helping others “transform their past behavior, unhealthy action with new, positive healthy behaviors into opportunities for mental and physical wholeness.” AG shares this perspective through her intimate and transparent approach in a one-on-one session, group, or large conference settings.

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Your “WHY“ must be greater than every obstacle you will encounter on your road to success.




By planning, you’re already half way there.

Breakin’ Free 2 Wellness

Breakin’ Free 2 Wellness is about embracing the new, and letting go the past. Whether it’s a bad habit, hurt, disappointment, extra weight, or relationship, letting go isn’t always easy. But, it’s often best for you to live a healthier YOU.

Change is one of the greatest obstacles we will ever face. It’s time to let go in order for us to move forward in our journey. We can’t move forward and stay the same at the same time. Progress requires change but yet, we continue to resist it. Why? It’s Fear and the unknown.

Truly, I understand. “For everything we gain, we lose something.” You just have to keep fighting and not allow yourself to give in to the negative self-talk.

I know you have heard this quote before, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We are so complacent with our lives. Things are changing around us every day. Let Go!

The keys to handling change successfully are having a good attitude towards it and being prepared to receive it. As I tell my clients all the time, “It’s time Exhale the negative and open up to Receive the positive energy of the universe.” And, when you do, be ready to receive the gift of change. Without change there can be No improvement.

Ready to embrace the new YOU and step out of your Comfort Zone for better health?

“To Everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven

A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep. And a time to cast away.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 6

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