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By Vince Faust

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“I’ve been using the stair climber at the gym, but I can’t seem to increase my endurance or get past level two. Everyone else is hopping up and down for 30-45 minutes and I’m beat after five. I feel like I’m working my legs not my heart. How can I increase my endurance? I also get numbness and tingling in my feet while I’m on the stair climber.”
Yvette New York NY

What you want to do is increase the level to between 5 and 8. This will get rid of that tension you’re working against allowing you to work faster and with more ease. Make sure that you don’t increase to a rate you can’t sustain for a period of 15 minutes or more. You will still have to increase your endurance gradually but this will make it easier and allow you to work your heart and burn body-fat instead of just tightening those thighs. Also, you can work longer and more comfortably if you drink water before your workout and sip water during your workout. These few tips should help you get the most out of stair climbing. When you’re finished make sure you cool down by walking for 5 to 10 minutes.

The numbness or tingling is caused by a compression of the forefoot nerves. In most cases this is temporary. Don’t ignore the tingling or the numbness, if it persists consult your doctor.

To help avoid this condition while on the stair-climber:
* Keep a flat-footed position on the pedals to decrease forefoot pressure.
* Wiggle your toes occasionally during your workout.
* Make sure your shoes have enough room in the toe box.
* Make sure your shoelaces are secure but not tight.
Stand upright; if you lean forward it puts more on your forefoot.
* Don’t use the stair-climber every day if you have a problem

Remember if you have a persistent problem you should consult a doctor.

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