5 Ways To Switch Up Your Protein in 2020

5 Ways To Switch Up Your Protein in 2020
By: Jim Burch

Are you trying to dial in your macros in 2020? If you said, “Wait, what?” don’t worry. That’s simply healthy eating-speak for maintaining a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats — the three macronutrients that comprise your diet.

All three macros work together and bring something important to your healthy routine, but this is all about protein. If you’re tired of the same old staples from 2019, here are a few ways to mix up your proteins

High-quality whey and milk protein is a great source for most people, but anyone with dairy allergies or intolerances or a vegan lifestyle will be looking for a plan-based alternative.

Ready to diversify your protein intake in the new year?

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