STRENGTH within…

Strength By Adrienne Galloway (aka AG) You never know what you are capable of until you try!  We all have struggles, challenges, and obstacles in our lives. When we choose not to give up and [...]


Arthritis Tip to be Fit By Vince Faust Most people think arthritis is a disease of older people. It’s not, it affects people of all age groups. Over 50 million Americans have arthritis. That’s [...]

The Art of Life

The Art of Life By Danniele Tammjarv – International Coach & Speaker We are Perfectly Imperfect Human Beings  We are here to Live, to Love, to Cry, to Laugh, to Embrace Life.  We have [...]

Domestic Violence is on the rise! By Angela  Blair-Jeffries (Gospel Artist Singer/Actress) If you are an EX, MOVE ON! If you want to hurt someone because you have been dismissed from the [...]